Shaza Hotels

Shaza HotelsShaza is a leading hotel management company. A joint venture between Guidance Hotel Investment Company based in Paris, and Kempinski Hotels S.A. based in Geneva, Shaza is not a branch of Kempinski, but a new independent brand which benefits from the operational expertise of Kempinski's 113 years of hospitality experience. 

Shaza currently manages hotels in Madina Al Munawara and Sarajevo and has hotels under development in Cairo, Fez, Manama, Marrakech and Karbala.

The word ‘Shaza’ means fragrance. A fragrance that travels with the Eastern wind.A scent of belonging that greets guests upon their arrival, at any of the Shaza properties.

A contemporary, luxury and lifestyle brand, a Shaza Hotel represents a modern interpretation of ancient Eastern hospitality, with an emphasis on values and culture. Properties are design-led to inspire, surprise and ensure a unique experience for all our guests.

Al Murafik is Shaza's distinctive welcome service – a contemporary interpretation of traditional Eastern hospitality to deliver a real sense of arrival. Each guest is met by a dedicated Murafik member, to facilitate a highly personalised guest experience, delivered by members of the Shaza team. From the moment of their arrival to the moment of departure, each guest will feel a unique level of hospitality.

At the Al Rawdatain Residences – like all Shaza properties – there is special attention given to the needs of the family. An educational kid's club is not simply designed to take care of children, but to provide them with inspiration and knowledge for their life's journey.

An enchanting and dynamic world of fun revolves around 3 pillars: education, entertainment and exploration. Facilities such as a book corner, arcade room, playground, and arts and crafts zone are available. A soft play area is also provided for babies and toddlers. At Shaza, we understand the importance of family. For further information please visit: