Your Home in Karbala

For the first time a 5 star hotel and residences complex is being developed in the Holy City of Karbala, this 5 star hotel will go beyond providing mere living space. Moreover, you may purchase your own home in Karbala through our Shariah compliant fractional ownership proposition.

Al Rawdatain Residences combines traditional architecture and modern interiors. Al Rawdatain Residences will not only provide true five star comforts but also offers the opportunity to own your home in a close proximity to the Holy Shrines of Karbala. A harmonious and serene experience for you, your family and generations to come.

Stepping inside your fully serviced and furnished residence, the aura will be one of peace and warmth. This will remain with you throughout your sacred journey. Whether you decide to make this journey alone or with your family, Al Rawdatain Residences has a range of fully furnished studios, one and two bedroom suites, available to make your stay as comfortable and as fulfilling as possible.

The twelve-storey Al Rawdatain Residences, will be the largest hospitality complex in Iraq. Comprised of 620 rooms and suites, it will be a collection of luxurious studio suites, one-bedroom and two-bedroom suites. Extensive public areas, a wide array of fine restaurants, state-of-the-art recreational facilities and a business & communication centre will ensure guests a comfortable and pleasant stay, while on their spiritual journey. Excellent transportation services between the hotel and the shrines will be provided along with other five-star amenities. The owners of Residences will benefit from the services of the Shaza Karbala Hotel, housed on the first three floors of the building.

Key benefits of owning a unit in Al Rawdatain Residences are:

1. Shariah compliant fractional ownership for a period of 50 years
2. Located a mere 15 minutes walk from the Holy Shrines
3. Superior return on investment through rental returns and capital appreciation
4. First five star hospitality complex in Karbala
5. Managed by an international 5 star brand, Shaza Hotels