Welcome to Al Rawdatain Residences

Your Home in Karbala

Al Rawdatain Residences provides you with the opportunity to own your home in Karbala. Through our Mulkiya Intifa'a scheme (Shariah compliant fractional ownership), you may acquire a specific period (between 7 to 10 days) selected from the Islamic Hijri Calendar in a suite of your preference for the next 50 years. Prices start from just US$6,325 and benefit from a convenient payment plan.

Al Rawdatain Residences will be the first five star hotel and residences in Karbala. The development is located a mere 980m away from the Holy Shrines.

Al Rawdatain Residences is currently under construction. Once complete, Al Rawdatain Residences will be the largest hotel in Iraq. Al Rawdatain Residences has been designed and is being constructed to an international five star standard.

Owning a home in Karbala has never been so easy. Al Rawdatain Residences will provide you and your future generations a comfortable and secure base from which to conduct your Ziyarat & prayers in the Holy City of Karbala.