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Ayatullah Sayed Ali Salman Al Nasir returns to Karbala after 34 years to lay the cornerstone of
Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza

Ayatullah Sayed Ali Salman Al Nasir is the representative of His Eminence, the Grand Ayatullah Sayed Ali Sistani for the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is one of the leaders of our community across the Middle East. Mr. Ali Al Nemer, Chairman of Range Hospitality invited Ayatullah Sayed Ali Salman Al Nasir to attend our cornerstone laying ceremony on 7 September 2011 as our guest of honor. Ayatullah Sayed Ali Salman Al Nasir visited Karbala after 34 years to grace our cornerstone laying ceremony. We are truly privileged to have been blessed by Ayatullah Sayed Ali Salman Al Nasir’s presence and become the recipient of his support and prayers.

Our cornerstone ceremony was attended by over 100 dignitatories from across Europe, the Middle East, India and Pakistan. Speeches were delivered by
(i) Ayatullah Sayed Ali Salman Al Nasir
(ii) Mr. Mohammed Al Husseini (Country Manager – Iraq – Range Hospitality)
(iii) Mr. Ali Al Nemer (Chairman – Range Hospitality)
(iv) Mr. Mohammed Saaedi Kia (Chairman – TCD Group - Main Contractor)
(v) Mr. Naurozi (TCD Group) and
(vi) Mr. Hani Abood Al Yasari (Member of the Karbala Governor Council and Chief Liaison for the Municipality of Karbala).

We are very grateful to Mr Akramian for his beautiful reading of the Holy Qur’an to mark the commencement of the proceedings. The full proceedings of the ceremony may be viewed on our You Tube Channel .

The four cornerstones were placed by:
1. Ayatullah Sayed Ali Salman Al Nasir and Mr. Ali Al Nemer
2. Mr. Hani Abood Al Yasari and Sheikh Ali Zuhair (senior members of the Karbala Governor Council)
3. Mr Mohammed Asaria (Vice Chairman – Range Hospitality) and Mr Ibrahim Al Daaysi (Member of the Board – Range Hospitality)
4. Mr Mohammed Saeedi Kia (Chairman of TCD Group) and Mr Munaf Ali (Chief Executive – Range Hospitality)

Mr. Yahya Torehi, Resident Engineer, Range Hospitality, Karbala
Engineer We are pleased to inform you that according to the latest report of the Resident Engineer of Range Hospitality, Mr. Yahya Torehi, 16% of the total construction work has been completed at Karbala.

We Are Building Your Home in Karbala

The foundation works have started and concrete is being poured.

During the month of September, we are pleased to announce that with the continued support of our stakeholders, construction continues to advance. It has not been long since our groundbreaking ceremony was attended by Moulana Sayed Hussain Qazmini. Construction commenced in earnest during April 2011. Since this date, continuous progress has been made.

Initially, significant dewatering works were required due to the high water table (only 60cm below ground level). Only thereafter, could site excavation works commence. Excavation has now been completed with over 6 metres of earth having been excavated.

We are encouraging our friends and partners to visit the site when they visit Karbala.

We look forward to welcoming you so you may see the progress first hand.


Visitors line up at the entrance of Range Hospitality’s stand during the Qatif Eid Festival !!!

Over 5,000 prospective clients visit Range Hospitality to enquire about purchasing their own home in Al Rawdatain Residence by Shaza, Karbala

We participated in the Qatif Eid Festival (Qatif is a town in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia) which was attended by over 150,000 people. The event continued for the duration of the week after Eid.

During the event, we received immense interest from the local community. The success of this event was attributed to the attractive payment plan and low entry price point of US$ 5,500 to own a fully serviced and furnished studio suite on fractional ownership basis for 50 years at Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza, Karbala.

Interested clients queued to meet Range Hospitality’s sales consultants, at times waiting for over 20 minutes to be attended to.


Bahrain office opening

We intend to unveil our new sales lounge in Bahrain in the next 60 days. With a vision to give clients a chance to experience a true five star hospitality experience, Range Hospitality’s sales lounge will feature a Karbala exhibition centre and a “mock up residence”. This will allow our customers the opportunity to touch and feel the quality of fine linens, fabrics and furnishings being used in Al Rawdatain Residences.

The sales lounge is being designed with inspiring motifs from the Holy City of Karbala envisaging the belief, values and culture of our community. We look forward to welcoming you in our sales lounge.


Meet our new family members at Range Hospitality

As our operations expand into new territories including Bahrain, Kuwait, Pakistan, U.S.A. and Canada, we have recruited a number of new key employees.

Mr. Abdullah Mahfhoodh – Regional Director
Engineer Abdullah brings with him a diversified experience of over 20 years in the fields of information technology, telecom and investment. He has a wide experience in business development, real estate and management. His entrepreneurial skills have been successfully proven across various companies that he has established over the past decade. His personal network of contacts extends all across the GCC. Based in Bahrain, he will be heading our sales expansion across the Arab speaking countries.
Mr. Abdul Jalil Saeed Al Noaimi – Sales Consultant
Engineer Abdul Jalil has joined our Dubai team, with 20 years of experience in business development, finance, investment analysis, human resource management and training. Previously he held the position of a General Manager with a leading group in Abu Dhabi and has a proven track record of selling investment products.

Click & Win US $ 5,500 !

We would like to congratulate Mr. Hani Ahmed Zin Aldin for winning one low season period (Period No. 43) in a Studio Suite (Unit No. 34 ) worth US$ 5,500 in Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza, Karbala through our online monthly draw held on 5th September, 2011.

The certificate was awarded by the Mr. Abdullah Mafhoodh, Regional Director of Range Hospitality, at our office in Qatif, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Hani (right) receiving certificate from Mr. Abdullah (left) at our office in Qatif, Saudi Arabia

Click here to register your details and you too could win your own home in Karbala. The next monthly draw will be held on 30th September, 2011.

Meet our employee of the month

We express our sincere appreciation to Mr. Abdul Latif, Sales Manager Range Hospitality, for his dedicated efforts to achieve the highest number of sales for Al Rawdatain Residences by Shaza, during the past 30 days.

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